Friday, August 1, 2014

Goodbye Garage

Hey ya'll!  A week ago I was over at Sweet Goings talking about what you should know if you're thinking about adopting.  Hop on over HERE and check it out.  I'm sorry I'm just now sharing it with you guys.  It completely slipped through my fingers amidst all the craziness right now.

J-Man has been particularly challenging as of late and E has been a big ball of easy coming tears.  If it's not one, it's the other.

On top of that, my husband and I just made the decision to close his gym, The Garage.  In a couple weeks, we will shut the doors and he will go work for a tractor supply company selling skid steers and other tractors to construction companies.  It's a big change. 

Chris has enjoyed running his own gym for the last 2 years and God has provided for our needs beautifully through it.  But the schedule is just not working for us anymore.  Chris works mornings and evenings, so he's home in the afternoons.  It's exhausting for him and it's really difficult to maintain friendships or any kind of social life because he works when everyone else is off.  With E starting school this year, we are realizing that it will cut into the limited time Chris has with him.  By this time next year, E will be in school full days, which means he would get home just as Chris left for work.  Every day.  That's just not going to work for our family. 

Basically, Chris's schedule is not very good for family life with school age children.  And we are transitioning into that stage of life. 

The schedule is also not very good for doing home church, which is what we've been doing for a couple months now.  My husband's real passion in life is being a pastor, but over the last few years we have felt God pushing us toward doing that bi-vocationally through home church.  Which means he needs to make money through a different job.  Personal training did not leave ample time to connect with people outside of work.  Running his own business left Chris depleted and stressed.  You can't leave work at work when you have your own business.  And in order to be a bi-vocational pastor, he needs to be able to leave work at work, and to know a steady paycheck is coming each month, and to have better hours off.

So this will be a big change for our family, it's all quite sudden, but we are excited about the new hours, the guaranteed paycheck, the time off, having benefits, etc.  It's been quite a journey and there is sadness to closing down a business we worked so hard to build.  But it's also a good page to turn with a better page coming.

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