Saturday, August 30, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Do you ever look at pictures from a year ago just to remember and see the differences a year makes?  I love to do that!  This picture was last August.  Making s'mores at Grandma & Grandpa's house!  Love it.

Happy Labor Day weekend everybody!  This is the first 3 day weekend my husband has had in years!  Thank you very much, owning-your-own-business!  When you run a gym and you only get paid if you train and everyone for some strange reason wants to work out on their day off, you don't dare shut down for a 3 day weekend!  But now, he works for a company that does close on Labor Day so we are excited for 3 days off!  Also, it's E's first 3 day weekend from school and he's super excited too! 

We don't have anything huge planned.  Just relaxing.  We got some donuts this morning because E immediately got dressed upon waking and when Chris asked, "Was there something you wanted to do?"  he promptly replied, "Get donuts!"  How could Chris say no?

The boys are watching Ninja Turtles and Chris is tackling some project in the garage (I think he's making a guitar...always something with that guy!).  We're having some friends over for a bbq this evening.  And Chris is going to take the boys dove hunting at some point this weekend.  Before you stop following my blog, let me just tell you that Chris is starting to hunt and fish for the purpose of getting free range meat for our family!  We are learning a lot lately about the effects on our health from eating industrialized meat and we are thinking hunting could be a great option for us to not fill our bodies with antibiotics and soy from non-wild animals.  (I realize that sounds quite hippie!  But hey, I'll be honest, we drive a Subaru and we try to eat organic!  Now I've shown my true colors.)

By the by,

Have you checked out the blog Live FabuLESS by Jodi Furman?  I love this blog because she scours the internet every day finding the best deals so you don't have to!  I'm always finding fabulous deals on Amazon from her.  Just today a couple of Transformer Thermoses arrived for my boys, they are super stoked, I'm hoping it will encourage them to drink more water, and I got a great deal on a great brand.  Check her out and you're welcome!


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