Thursday, August 21, 2014


This guy started kindergarten last week!  We went to a consignment sale a few weeks ago and told him he could pick out a shirt for the first day of school.  He said he wanted a superhero shirt so I scoured the racks, pointing out every superhero shirt I could find.  None would suffice.  But then I showed him this shirt and he was sold.  Why?  I have no idea.
The night before school started I had him try it on just to be positive it fit and I asked if that was what he wanted to wear for his first day.
"Let me look in the mirror.  If I look TOO handsome, then I'm going to say yes." 
Who is this kid?
On the way out the door he grabbed these sunglasses, which I will say completely finish the look.

Sometimes your kids surprise you. 
I'm happy to report that school is going well so far and we are now 6 days in.  He fluctuates between, "I love school!" and "I don't like school."  As far as I can tell he loves the snacks and his teacher.  But he still wishes he could stay home with Mom and J-Man.  I'll take it.
Tell us how your first day of school went.  What are your kids liking and not liking so far?

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