Friday, August 29, 2014


I've learned so much in the past couple of years about the power of prayer.  Are you a praying person?  I've seen God do miracles in response to prayer.  I've been encouraged through prayer.  I've received hope through prayer.  I've received wisdom and inspiration through prayer.  I believe that prayer is powerful.

This week has felt heavy.  All around there seems to be pain and fear and loss.  I don't need to go into details because you feel it, too.  Maybe the loss and pain are directly affecting you this week.  Or maybe, like me, it's a little more indirect.  But either way your heart is breaking. 

We live in a fallen world. 

There is pain, there is disease, there is heartbreak, there are tears, there is loss, there is fear, there are bad guys. 

One of my sons had a dream last night in which bad guys took him.  Earlier this week, one son asked, "Bad guys aren't real, are they, Mommy?"

I ignored his question, in all honesty.  Because they are real.  But I don't want to tell a 4-or-5-year-old that.  I don't want them to be afraid.  Ever.  I want them to trust me and God to protect them.  I want them to take action to make the world a better place and to help other people.  I also want them to come to me when they do feel afraid.  I want to hear about their bad dreams.  I want to comfort them in those times of fear and sadness.

And I think it's the same with God.  He doesn't want us to be afraid.  He wants us to trust Him.  He wants us to help people around us who are hurting.  And He wants us to come to Him, to pray when we feel afraid, distraught, helpless.

So often we say things like, "All we can do is pray" or even, "I want to do more than just pray."  As if it's some last resort or some weak words we throw up at an empty heaven.  I am a total believer in human beings taking action.  I also believe prayer is one of the most important "actions" we take.  God listens to prayer.  That never ceases to amaze.  He hears. 

"I love the Lord, for He heard my voice; He heard my cry for mercy." (Psalm 116.1)

It is evident in the Bible that prayer changes things.  That God listens.  He hears the cries of the brokenhearted.  And it moves Him to action.  It even changes His mind at times.  That, my friends, is absolutely incredible.

So today, when we feel helpless, when we feel overwhelmed, let's PRAY.  Let's cry out to God for mercy.  Let's plead with Him.  And let's do this in faith that the Lord hears, that our voices reach Him. 

Let's act too.  Let's actively love each other.

But let's not forget that prayer is powerful, that prayer changes things.

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Sue A said...

So true! Thank you for this heartfelt reminder. These were just the encouraging words I needed.

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