Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day 19: Men

Today's prompt for the Knit Together By Adoption series sponsored by Mixed_Beautifully is "Men."  So I want to say something about adoptive dads.

I have an incredible respect for adoptive dads.  Children from hard places often have a distrust or even fear of men.  I have watched my husband walk a hard road with both of our sons.  They distrusted him for no fault of his own.  They rejected him for reasons completely unrelated to him.  Yet he pursued them without faltering.  He loved them unconditionally from the beginning.  He took the rejection, the pushing away, and he didn't give up.  He put his own needs on hold until his kids were able to trust him and to love him back. 

May God bless and strengthen all adoptive dads!  You guys rock!

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