Monday, November 10, 2014


Does it feel like November to you?  I think it's just now starting to for me.  We don't get FALL where we live...we get fallYou know what I mean?  It stays relatively warm here until about the week of Thanksgiving and then it gets cold.  So the leaves go pretty quickly within a short span.  But this week, I'm noticing much more vibrant colors coming out and more leaves on the ground and I love it.  Even though it's 76 degrees. 

Chris and I got away for a whole weekend, you guys!  This was a first for us since we became parents.  There've been a couple of times that we got one night away, but never a whole weekend!  Glorious.  We stayed at a little B&B just outside of Yosemite.  We spent Saturday exploring Yosemite, which is GORGEOUS this time of year.  Pops of yellow everywhere! 

I mean!!  We hiked, we oogled and ahhhhed.  We saw three deer.

Do you know what I think one of the hardest adjustments to parenting is?  People always needing something from you.  Right!?  My guys are 5 and almost 5 at this point and so they are becoming much more independent.  But up until this point, it's been just constant need, right?  Someone always needs something from you.  From the moment you are awakened, until your head hits the pillow, and then even throughout the night.  So to have a full day where no one needed anything from us was glorious. 

But alas.  Back to normal life.  It was good to see our boys when we came home yesterday, and that itself is a blessing.  Sometimes we need that time apart so that we can get to the point of missing our kids rather than wishing we could get a moment of quiet, you know?  J-Man was all snuggly last night so I know he missed us.  He climbed up next to me on the couch and put his arm around my shoulders and we just sat.  E wished he could stay with Nana and Papa longer. 

This week's full of photo shoots, dinners with family and friends, church, and adoptive parent support group.  Plus prepping for a baby shower my mom and I are throwing for my sister-in-law on Saturday. 

I'm starting to feel the crazy of the whole month.  Something big is happening every weekend.  I'm trying to keep a level head and just enjoy instead of getting stressed out by it all.  Any tips on how you do that during the holiday season?  I'd love to hear how you enjoy instead of stress!

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