Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Did you all know that November is National Adoption Awareness Month?  All month I've been enjoying perusing Instagram, finding other adoptive families to "follow" and reading how adoption has blessed so many.  Individual family stories differ, but there are similar lines that run through them all and it's always a blessing to find shared experiences. 

Mixed_Beautifully is one of those Instagram accounts I have discovered this month.  She has been hosting a #knittogetherbyadoption "hop", shall we say, where she gives an adoption writing prompt for each day.  I have enjoyed responding and have found beautiful and inspiring words on other accounts.  I thought I might respond to some of the prompts on the blog as well, because the purpose of National Adoption Awareness Month is to raise awareness, right?  And the prompts are just so thought provoking!  If you don't already, follow me on Instagram here.

Day 11's prompt is Remember.

In the world of adoptive parenting, I have found that making an effort to remember is incredibly life-giving.  Chris and I strive to remember how far our kids have come.  Because oftentimes in the day to day of adoptive parenting, especially the early days and during any periods of regression, it can be so easy to only focus on the current trials and the current situation.  And that can seem overwhelming and hopeless on certain days. 

But when we make ourselves stop and remember, oh, what perspective we gain!  What encouragement we receive!  Sometimes, during a rough patch with my kids, I stop and remember what we've already accomplished with them.  I'll tell myself or my husband, "REMEMBER how ______ used to be our normal?"  "REMEMBER how our child used to do _______ every few hours and now it's only once a week?"  "REMEMBER?" 

And that sacred act of remembering inspires us to keep going; keep struggling and trudging and inching along because one day we'll look back and remember this current issue as one more thing we overcame together.  And that is really what parenting children from hard places is: overcoming together.

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