Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas!  I hope you celebrated the miraculous gift of Jesus coming to earth and that your soul "felt its worth."  I hope that you had special moments with family and/or friends. 

On Christmas Eve, we went to Chris's brother's church with him and his family and enjoyed worshiping Jesus.  Then we celebrated with Chris's family at his parents' house.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner, treats for dessert, and watching the six little boys tear into their presents.  Our two boys and our four nephews who were there are all ages 8 and under.  I stepped back after all the gifts had been opened and just smiled at the chaos and mess that had occurred. 

We had a quiet Christmas morning, just the four of us.  My in-laws stopped by to see what the boys had gotten and we wished my mom-in-law a happy birthday.  Her birthday is on Christmas, but we celebrated the day after this year.
We then moved on to my parents' house and celebrated with my family.  More gifts, more great food, more time enjoying family.

Chris spent most of the day assembling toys, transforming new Transformers, and installing batteries.  Oh well, he's used to it by now.

Our big gift to our boys this year was a used Wii we bought off Craigslist (love Christmas shopping on Craigslist!).  So both sets of grandparents and my brother and his wife got them extra Wii games.  There was a lot of video game playing this Christmas! 
Now my goal is to survive two weeks of Christmas vacation with both of my boys home together every morning!  Actually, my goal is to enjoy it rather than just survive it, but, they are going to give me a run for my money on that one!

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