Monday, December 15, 2014


Lately, the enemy has been poking at all my insecurities as a mom.  All my shortcomings and failings and guilt are resurfacing and to be honest, at times it fills me with fear.  I start to become afraid of what God is asking me to do next. 

Chris and I have been talking a lot lately about what is next for our family.  We feel God leading us toward foster care once again.  And it scares me.  I'm afraid I'm not enough.  I'm afraid I won't be patient enough, loving enough, kind enough, gentle enough to add another child from hard places to my home.  But as I thought through all my fears the other night, I heard the Lord whisper, "But all of those things you think you don't possess enough of, are the very fruit of My Spirit." 

Oh yeah.  As Christians, we possess His Spirit, He lives in us.  And the fruit of God's Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.  The very things I need.  The very things I'm worried I don't have enough of. 

But this is not some checklist of character traits I need to somehow come up with.  These are the things that God's Spirit produces in us because that's what He does, not because I deserve it or because I'm focused enough or strong enough or had enough of them to begin with.  Simply because that's what the Spirit does.

So we don't need to be afraid that we aren't enough for whatever God is telling us to do.  We aren't.  But He is.  And His Spirit will produce those fruits in us and THAT will be enough.

In what area are you afraid you aren't enough?


Janice Nichols said...

Such a good post! I opened up my email and read it just as I was having insecurities of my own. Your blog has held my hand through a lot the last few months. I wrote you about knowing "when to pull the trigger" in the adoption journey a while back. We did in fact pull the trigger and are just waiting to be scheduled for a home study. I doubt my ability to mother a child from hard places all the time, but I know that this is what I'm called for.

Laurel Feierbach said...

Janice, thank you so much for sharing! What a joy to know these words have spoken to you in some way! I'm excited to hear you are moving forward in your adoption journey and I pray God will prepare you and bless you and your future child(ren).

Sue A said...

Janice, the Holy Spirit is indeed working in you and beyond that He is working through you. This is just the encouragement I needed. Thank you for your courage to share. We have been hoping to adopt through foster care. Last month, a beautiful baby boy was placed in our home for foster care. All along we did not know if we could do foster care without knowing there was at least a chance of adoption. But, when we received this call we felt God's prompting. And He has been good. We love this little guy and He put a fierce love in my heart for his mama. I have been praying for patience, peace and kindness towards her - all things you just reminded me He has promised. Thank you! I am lifting your family, including the future member(s) He has in plan for you.

Laurel Feierbach said...

Thank you so much for sharing, Sue!

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