Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I read some words the other day that stuck with me.  They hit me in a spot where I couldn't find the words on my own.  They came from my friend Kim of Drops of Honey Designs.  She wrote about seasons.  About learning to be okay with living life in seasons and just being present in the season you're in.

I so often feel that I have to accomplish and fulfill everything I'm supposed to do in life RIGHT NOW.  I get confused that every passion, every dream, every calling, every desire has to be for this time; must be fulfilled in this time.

But I actually don't think that's true.  I think I agree with Kim that life happens in seasons.  There is a season where _____ is what I'm supposed to focus on.  Next there'll be a season where I'm supposed to fulfill _______ dream.  Maybe in 30 years, the season will come for _________ calling.

In some ways this goes against the fibers in my being that shout, "LIFE IS FLEETING!"  And I convince myself again that I must accomplish everything this year.  Or that if I'm not currently pursuing _____ dream, that I'm failing or missing out or ignoring (maybe even denying) some part of myself. 

But it also makes sense that there are seasons to our lives.  Jesus didn't really begin His ministry on earth until He was 30 years old.  I mean I'm sure Jesus was always ministering, but the season of His life that we focus on was His thirties.  I am still on the younger side of that number and so when Jesus was my age, He was still preparing and growing and maturing.  He hadn't started the season of His life that would be filled with miracles and healings and no place to lay His head.  He was "just" a carpenter's son, probably learning that trade.  That was the season He was in.  And that was okay.

I wonder if He ever got restless.  Knowing He had so much more to give, knowing there was such a bigger calling on His life, knowing He had so much more purpose.  But it just wasn't time yet.  Was that hard for Him?  Or was He okay with it because He understood this very lesson I am just now learning, that there is a time for every season?

Maybe I'm in THIS season right now.  This very one I'm in.  And the seasons will change.  There will be a time for each reason I'm here to be fulfilled.  But all of those reasons don't have to be fulfilled at the same moment.

I don't want to ever use this as an excuse to stay still when I should move or to be crippled by fear when I should bravely move forward. 

I do want to give myself permission to be in the season God has put me in.  Really BE there.  Present.  Alert.  Useful.

I do want to dream about future seasons and keep alive the passions in my heart that just aren't for now, but one day will be.  I do want to stay excited about those seasons.  Without missing this one.


Janice Nichols said...

That was so good, I read it twice! There is a purpose for every season. Each one is special, brings growth, and has a purpose.

Kristen [Teamfuest] said...

This very much resonated with me! I've been wrestling with some of these same things. Thanks so much for sharing - I always enjoy your thoughts :)

Unknown said...
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Jarrod McClintick said...

Daniel prayed one time in Daniel 2:19-23. “Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his. HE CHANGES TIMES AND SEASONS…"

He changes times and seasons. It's cool to know that God schedules every time and season in my life. The hard part is...he doesn't always post the schedule for e to see! That's what makes living so difficult.

The problem is I always want to skip to the next season. I struggle because whatever season I'm in doesn't seem like the season that's most comfortable. I've struggled with this all my life.

What God finally set me free from is the continual striving and straining to live in a different season. I realized I can only live in the season I'm CURRENTLY in. I feel so much freedom knowing that.

"He makes everything beautiful in its time." God doesn't always put us in the season WE most want, but he does give us the power to rename that difficult season to something beautiful.

Great post, Laurel! Very real.

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