Friday, January 16, 2015

Soul Rest

One time our son took a picture of his birthfamily out of his room and left it on his dad's nightstand.  He didn't say anything.  He just left it there.

Another time he took "his story", a little photo album I made for him that tells the story of his adoption, and he left it on his dad's nightstand.  Again, no words, just left it there and walked away.

Eventually it dawned on me how beautiful and significant what he was doing really was.  He was taking the hard stuff and letting his dad take care of it for a while.  Each time this has happened, it's been when our son was having a particularly hard time with his past, his story, his feelings and processing of it all.

It's beautiful, really.  He takes that thing that's just too hard, or that he's just too tired to deal with anymore, and he leaves it for his dad to hold onto.  He lets Dad worry about it for a while, carry it for a while.

This speaks to my soul about my relationship with God.  I want to be more like my son in this way.  When I get weary from the load I'm carrying, when it's all just too overwhelming and too hard, oh, how I need to just leave my burden on my Heavenly Father's bedside table. 

And my son trusts that Dad will take care of it.  He trusts that Dad won't question this action or shame him for not being able to carry this load on his own.  He knows that Dad is big enough and strong enough to handle it, even when he himself is not.

When I am weak...

His strength is made perfect in weakness.

What is wearing you down today?  What is too overwhelming to even think about anymore?  What feels too heavy, too hard, too much? 

Leave it with your Dad.  And trust that He is capable.  Know that it's not too much for Him.  Approach the throne with confidence.  Cast your cares upon Him.  Leave your burdens. 

Find "rest for your souls."


Big D and Me said...

I think it speaks to how much your son loves your husband and trusts him - love this story

Jarrod McClintick said...

Beautiful story! Love this analogy.

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