Friday, January 22, 2016

Hi Everybody!

It's been radio silent on here since October.  I apologize for that!  Here's a quick update.  In October, the Lord prompted us to take our adoption off hold.  Let me back up.  In September we bought a house just a bit down the road from the house we had been renting.  We moved into the new house.  Of course regressions occurred for our kids (hello, change!).  When October came around, Chris and I started talking about taking our adoption off hold.  I was attending a women's Bible study on Jen Hatmaker's book Interrupted, which is super good and challenging.  During the study I kept getting hit over and over by the Holy Spirit about our next adoption.  Chris was also getting hit with the same thing.

But we had excuses.  (Don't we always?)  We had just moved.  We hadn't even finished unpacking.  Nothing was hanging on the walls yet.  The kids were already regressed.  The holidays were coming and my husband works retail so his schedule was about to get crazy.  We had a lot of reasons to wait.

Maybe December we could take our adoption off hold?

Maybe January.

But God.  God made it very clear to us by having our social worker email us that she felt led to send us the profile of a baby boy and ask if we were ready to take our process off hold.  To be clear, she was awesome and made sure we knew if we still needed to be on hold we should stay on hold, but she felt she should ask.

Okay, God.  We get it.

So we took the whole thing off hold and said, "Yes, please submit us on this baby boy."

We didn't get matched with that baby boy.

But that was obviously God's way of moving to get us in the whole process again because a month later we received a profile for a different baby boy.  We submitted our homestudy for him and he just moved into our house a couple weeks ago!

I should probably add that we submitted our homestudy on several other babies during October, November, and December.  We heard "no" a couple times and we never heard anything a few other times.  But the day before Christmas Eve, we were matched with our little guy!

So we are fostering him and moving toward adoption!  He has already blessed our family so much with his smile and laughter and sweet kisses.

We are adjusting to being a family of five.  And we have been reminded over and over to let our faith be bigger than our fear, to be brave, and to trust God.  What a journey adoption is!

Thanks for following along with us!


Jarrod McClintick said...

We all need "to let our faith be bigger than our fear, to be brave, and to trust God." How different life would be! Thanks for sharing! Love reading your blog!

Flyin Shirer said...

We just got my 2 year old nephew placed with us from CWS and I was terrified. Having 16 and 18 year old girls, we were not ready to raise a 2 year old boy. But God has returned my maternal instincts and our lives are so much richer having him in our home. He brings life, freshness, silliness, kisses and laughter in our home that was missing. Our home was feeling stale and stressed. God has replaced that with the joy of having him. Our road ahead is going to be rough as we get disappointed in his parents for their continuing choices they make but I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be a safe and loving place for our Jason. Thank you for reminding me again of God's role in this journey.

Tina Hardwick said...

God has his way of guiding our oath even when we are blinded into thinking e are already on it!! LoL so excited and happy for all of you!! Laurel PLEASE tell Chris hi and I think of your all often. It's wonderful to hear God opening more doors to love in your lives~ :-)

Laurel Feierbach said...

Flyin Shirer, I'm praying for you guys as you take care of your little nephew. And prayers for God's will in his life!

Laurel Feierbach said...

Tina, thank you!! I think that's so true that we often think we're already doing what God wants and yet He still guides us to what He really wants!

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